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I'm confident that we all are aware of the importance of voting NO on Issue
2 /SB5. If you have not done so, I would encourage you to early vote at the
Mahoning County Board of Elections located on Oak Hill (old  South
Hospital). Also, we need you to volunteer during these last 14 days by
canvassing, calling, distributing yard signs, social media or any other
means you deem necessary to put this attack on public employees to rest. If
you have any further questions please contact me.




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Friend --

For the next 14 days, Ohioans are voting on an issue that will affect
thousands of hardworking people here, including our firefighters and

It's called Issue 2, and it's a ballot referendum on a bill known as Senate
Bill 5, or SB 5. It strips away the collective bargaining rights of public
employees and is unfair, unsafe, and will hurt our local communities.

But there may be more at stake than you think.

If the law passes and you're not a public employee, you'll be affected, too.
Firefighters will no longer be able to negotiate how much staffing and
resources they'd need to protect their communities. If you have kids in
public schools, their teachers will no longer be able to cap the size of
their classroom or weigh in on the resources they need to teach your

This law would silence thousands of voices of Ohioans who provide critical
services -- and that's why we need to make sure we Vote no on Issue 2 to
stop Senate Bill 5 on November 8th.

Will you volunteer to spread the word and get out the vote to defeat Issue

Mitt Romney was in our state today, rallying with folks working to pass
Issue 2 and telling reporters he supported Gov. Kasich's efforts to "to rein
in the scale of government." But absurdly, he also refused to answer the
question whether he publicly supports Issue 2 -- a sidestep only Mitt Romney
knows how to do.

The people who are willing to say they support the law in public claim it's
a necessary step to balance our budget. But, despite what Governor Kasich
and his allies say, the measures in Issue 2 wouldn't add one dollar of state

And it won't help any Ohioans get back to work.

Thousands of OFA volunteers have told us they want to do everything they can
to defeat this law. That's why we've joined forces with the Ohio Democratic
Party and other progressive groups to let our fellow Ohioans know what's at

Over the next few weeks, we'll have all kinds of activities to spread the
word and get out the vote on Issue 2, from calling voters to knocking on

Sign up to be a part of that work today to make sure our fellow Buckeyes
vote no on Issue 2 and an organizer will be in touch soon:




Greg Schultz
Ohio State Director
Obama for America

P.S. -- Thanks to our hard work protecting voting rights and opposing HB
194, you can go and vote early at your
38229/VEsF/> County Board of Elections. On Election Day, you can vote at
your designated polling place.

 Paid for by Obama for America

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